Thursday, August 2, 2007

Don't Slave Away...Win Jay

Wouldn't it be nice to have a slave for just a few hours? OH YEAH! I'm all over that!

You can enter Jay's Win Me as a Slave Contest just by participating in a few unpainful tasks. Including but not limited to, blogging about his contest/blog on your site, "Fame" him and his website, favorite Online Opportunity with Technorati, and whatever else the hec you can think of.

If I could have Jay as my slave for a few hours, I would crack the whip and make him

clean my house. BUT, since that ain't gonna happen, I guess I would settle for a Wordpress setup with my own domain with my own host for my new website:) Whew...was that even a real sentence? YOU can choose what you would like Jay to do for you which is awesome...not to mention original!

Jay is good, Jay is wise
Check out his website, for some great advice!

By the way Jay...consider yourself dugg, stumbled, reddited?, delicious, and submitted to contest!


Rosa Florence said...

Awwwe, that was cute. Loved the ryme in the end. I entered this contest too. I hope to be seeing you around.

-Gaje Master

Jay said...

I love the graphic!

cowboytf said...

I'm glad the post is liked..and I'm glad you like the graphic Jay.