Monday, August 27, 2007

$500 Moooooolah Prize #2 is giving away another $500 big ones with the help of Micfo, a web hosting company. Making money online is not as easy I thought it would be but the "Cowman" does a nice job of handing out info and tips to make it easier. The humor that is added to the blog is what keeps me intested the most though. What the $500 giveaway what do for me!! It would make my dream a reality.

Photography is my passion and oh how I would love a brand new Nikon SLR digital camera. I have been saving for this camera for about a year now. Total saved so far is $475. It would be more but when you are raising 3 kiddos, well, explanation needed. So that leaves me with needing $484-tax and all to get the camera of my dreams. With the remaining $16 bucks, I would by my husband a 30-pk. of Keystone Light! He deserves it;)
I take pictures of mostly the cowboys on the ranch but I long for more. I think I have an eye for it and would like to think that it woudn't be a complete waste of my time. Everybody wants pictures taken for events or of the family and I could do that as a hobby but with hopes of a full time position in the future;)