Friday, August 17, 2007

DoshTalk Forum

I love to browse forums these days. You can learn some valuable information, as well as, meet some great new friends. One that is new but quickly becoming one of my favorites is DoshTalk. I really like the layout. It's more eye appealing than your average forum and is very user friendly. One of my favorite things about it, which I just learned this evening, is that there is only section where you are allowed to post your affiliate links and such. The rest of the forum is off limits to this kind of marketing. I think this is great. It means, there is a better chance of getting REAL infomation instead of someone trying to "sell" something. I recommend you check it out when you get a chance. I have found it informative and enjoyable.


kirbitz said...

Hi there!

Your blog is comprehensive as it is interesting! I joined DoshTalk just a couple of days ago and i totally agree with you on this one.

DO visit my blog

Are you open for a link exchange?. Were on the same niche. ;)

cowboytf said...

Thank you for the compliment on my blog. I'll be more than glad to add you to my blogroll if you do the same.

And yes, I'm am favoring DoshTalk over several others. They just need more people, that's why I was spreading the word.
Thanks for stopping by!

lady influence said...

Am i missing something here. I don't know about doshtalk forum.. but since you've mentioned it, ill go check it..

you have an interesting blog..ill be coming back i guess..

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