Saturday, November 3, 2007

On MY Wish List

I would love to have one thing for Christmas. A Nikon digital SLR camera. I have always wanted one but they are very pricey so I usually don't even mention it around here because I know it's something I won't be getting for a long time. I do own a Sony Cybershot and love it! It's my second one and they last forever. This is how I take all my pictures and quick videos. I'm sure you have heard me say that photography is a passion of mine even though I don't get to indulge in it very often. I'm always taking pictures of my family but that's about it. Speaking of family--Christmas is coming and photos are always nice to hand out for the holidays. I've mentioned this before but I still think a digital picture frame would be a great gift to give. Especially for someone who works at an office. They can set it on their desk so when people are walking by, they can see pictures of the grandkids, kiddos, pets, or whatever you decided to put in the frame. Anyways, I do hope to get an SLR camera one of these days. I would love to go take pictures of the cowboys when they are working. I could still go but it would look so much more professional with one of those cameras. So, if any of my family is reading this, please feel free to take up a collection! HA!