Friday, November 16, 2007

Fun Christmas Finds

I have a family member who collects salt and pepper shakers so when I saw some Hug Salt & Pepper Shakers at, I knew they would be a perfect gift. This is such a cool site. I cannot say that enough. They have some of the neatest products. In fact, I made a short video on some sample products I received from them. I received a gourmet smencil (great for the kids), Instasnow (more great fun to do with the kids), and a Ambient Fire Video Fireplace DVD. This was so realistic looking and the music was a joy to listen to. I can't recommend this site enough! The prices are great and the products are so much fun. I LOVE IT! Enjoy the video.


Natalie said...

Such fun stuff! I wanted to do a video too...but my stuff came too late. Oh well.

Lynne said...

Fun stuff! Hope you enjoy making the insta snow, we sure did! Loved watching it erupt in the bowl. :-D