Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Let Them Know You Care

The one thing we do every single year, is send out Christmas Cards. I figure it's the least we can do to let people know we care and miss them. We try to send cards for all occasions but Christmas in particular. With everyone so spread out over the state of Texas and New Mexico, it is very hard to get together for the holidays. I know I love it when I get a card in the mail so I imagine that most other people would enjoy just as much! It tells them that we are thinking about them. It's a lot cheaper than buying a gift, that's for sure. It would be great to include a picture of the family with the card but we don't take family pictures very often. Who will you be sending a Christmas card to this year? Family, friends, teachers, neighbors, and coworkers are some good examples of who I will be sending cards out to.