Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Google Cash~~The Rich Jerk Way

Ever wonder how The Rich Jerk made his millions??..Google Cash shows you how to pay Google to create and post tiny classified ads on the right-hand side of any Google search result's page -- linked to companies offering a solution (and paying you to act as their online marketing coordinator).
You might be surprised how easy it is to be a rich jerk... one way is to follow a Google Cash system, send $5 to Google... and you're up and running in about 3 hours (or less).

Here's a very simple, basic snapshot of how Felix Kelly used a Google Cash system to pocket over $55,000.00 a month in profit -- ultimately selling his work at home business on ebay for $379,000.00 (in an 8-day auction).

"Can you really be a rich jerk by this weekend? It depends... if you're willing to follow a Google Cash system and make it work every day over the next few weeks, odds are good success is yours just for the asking."
A person looking for a solution to their problems submits a request to a search engine like Google. In the above example, the search is for "tool crib"...

... When you look carefully, most search engines deliver search results in one of at least two ways. The vast majority of listings are displayed at no cost to the web site owner... and in the above example, a search for "tool crib" shows in the first featured listing. But at the very top of the result's page is a "Sponsored Link" ad for again... only this listing was paid and bought by someone like the Rich Jerk.

... Finally, the rich jerk ultimately redirects this Google visitor to a company offering a solution... and the rich jerk gets paid when the visitor spends money.

Important note: please understand that the Google Cash system does take some effort to make it work. However once you get it up and running successfully you really can take lots of days off and still have money coming in. At first it seems almost unreal. But I'm sure you'll get used to it.

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