Friday, May 25, 2007

5 Tips To Get Your Blog Started and Make Money Online

New to blogging, ready to earn some money, and not sure where to start?? Here are some quick tips to get you going in the right direction.

1. Setup your blog. I recommend I find that is super easy to use. Great for an amatuer. If you would rather have a website, then I recommend Start Logic. They have great customer service, 4.95 a month, and an easy to use dashboard. Be sure to think of a catchy title.

2. Make your first post. If you are having a hard time thinking of something to write for now, then I suggest using Article City. Here you are allowed to copy and paste the articles..just be sure to include the author's info. I recommend that you try to come up with your own content though.

3. If you haven't signed up with Google Adsense, then do so. I also recommend you try Bidvertiser. They have a lower threshold and I have made more with them than Google Adsense. Add adsense in your page.

4. Add some ads..especially relevant to your blog. I personally have made more money through affiliate programs. I recommend these... ClickBank, LinkShare, Traffic Payouts, ROI Rocket, PayLoadz Sell Downloads.....these are just a few. Take a look around my page and you'll find others you can use.

5. Finally, I would add a counter. Just so you can see how much traffic you're getting. Many people use StatCounter because they provide several statistics, however, I use Amazing Counters. I think it's simple and easy..and I use Google Analytics for all my "technical" info.

These are just a few tips to get you started. Check out other blogs to give you some ideas. Good luck in with your ventures.
This is my last post this week...I'll be out of town for the weekend!!

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rchmura said...

Although Amazing Counters may be simple, GoStats can be a great substitute. The main reason for GoStats is that it allows you to bookmark your favorite feature easily, plus you can always jump over to advanced reports.

Rszone said...

Thanks,Bmoney! Your blog is so rich with helpful infos.Everytime I drop in here ,I get to learn something new :-)