Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Class Action Lawsuits Against CJ, Be Free, and ValueClick

Just in case you haven't heard...the president of, has reported that two separate class action lawsuits were filed against Commission Junction, Be Free and ValueClick on April 20, 2007.
One names CJ and Be Free publishers (affiliates) as the plaintiffs. The other names CJ and Be Free merchants as the plaintiffs.

The lawsuits concern the use of adware. According to the president of, the lawsuits allege breach of contract, negligence and unfair business practices on CJ/BF’s part by allowing adware affiliates to operate within their Network. To sum it up, it seems to be that CJ/BF has knowingly allowed adware affiliates in their Network which commit commission theft and fraudulent transactions through adware applications. The suit is seeking monetary damages to both affiliates and merchants.

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