Friday, June 29, 2007

4 Effective ways to increase traffic volume

It’s not difficult to drive traffic to your site, once you know how to. Below are 4 simple ways that can help you achieve that:

1. Post topics that are interesting. Be creative, and make sure you brand what your writing about. Add your own personal spin to it. Make your post simple, conversational and short. Try to make it strait to the point without rushing things. You should also regularly update the blog so that more visitors will check your blog every now and then.

3. Make sure to take full advantage FeedBurner and provide a FULL RSS FEED. This really simple syndication will allow others to subscribe and syndicate your blog. This can also make it easier for other sites or blogs to link you, as well as providing yourself some authority and credibility as well.

3. Although some people may disagree with this, I personally find it effective. I from time to time try to add links to other websites in my post as it will greatly increase the change of search engines indexing me. So don’t be afraid to put links in your website from time to time.

4. Always, always, always reply to your comments. I personally like to reply on my both my website, and theres. This way you show your readers that you really care about there contributions. Not only do you build friendships this way, you are in turn earning yourself backlinks as well.

These are just a few simple tips that I find to be very effective. Previously I made a more elaborate post on what I feel is the most important traffic generating techniques (Getting New Readers) I highly recommend you check out.