Wednesday, April 25, 2007

$500 Amex Gift Card

Okay, I have some people asking me about the $500 Amex Gift Card above. Yes there are alot of these advertisements out there but this one is real. Several of these companies are legit, you just have to find the right ones. Well, guess what...I did. I received my gift card 1 week ago and in the plans to get more. I got it under $25.00 and that includes the how to part as well. I wouldn't be selling it if it didn't work. You just have to be savvy about how to do it. You would get step by step instructions on what to do. It's very easy. If you decide you want to try to, here's the link--- It's $15.00.
$500 Amex Gift Card for under $25.00

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Sell $500 Amex Gift Card for under $25.00